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The road

A metaphor often used to represent the path taken in life, whether smooth or rough, long or short.

In mid April 2012 I reversed out of my parents driveway. My car packed. My mind calm. My hopes and dreams as awake as ever. With my destination simply somewhere west of me. For the second time in my life the metaphorical road, and its friend… literal, sat side by side, hand in hand.

Over 12 months on it comes as no surprise to me that I feel the road, both metaphorically and literally, has been a large part of my life these past 6 years. And for much of last year (2012) I made this road of mine, my life, quite public via this blog… and the many writings, photography, poetry, and at times fitting quotes contained within it.

So to keep in tune with this metaphor, quite a useful one I might add, I will quickly apologise for wandering off course some these past 8 months. Wandering which ironically began with a post dedicated to why I like to write – titled ‘Writing. Capturing. Sharing’.

After making much of my thoughts and adventures public, by writing capturing and sharing, I felt the need to take a detour onto private property for a short while… well a long while it seems, so as to put a little focus on a few matters close to my heart. Matters I hope lay on my roads horizon at some point soon.

My. Road’s. Horizon. Hmmm? Maybe the road is such a great metaphor because it is something you must walk along in order to reach its apparent end? It certainly doesn’t stand on up and tramp to you now does it?!

Standing, I feel, is something I have been doing for sometime. Although, rather than standing in the middle of A road, it resembles something a little more like an intersection. An intersection, with me in the middle, wondering which road leeds me in the direction of the things I am in search of in life. Now don’t begin to think I am unhappy here, for if I was I most certainly would not be standing still. Rather I would be putting one foot in front of the other and moving right on along.

I am standing still, so to speak, because for the first time in a long time, even if I have not yet found all of the things I am in search of, I am content… and I am happy right where I am. I am content with the choices which have lead me here. Choices which have gracefully given me this present (in both senses). And I am happy due to the many choices – the many roads – I see strewn around me.

Some of these roads I can see most of the ways down. I can see bumps, hills, and possible gaps where I must build the road myself. Other roads I can only see up to their first bend. Bends hiding what lay beyond them. But, both types excite me! They excite me for three reasons.

  • Firstly, every single one of my life’s biggest decisions have been made with much of what lay ahead an unknown.
  • Secondly, because happiness is not something which exists on the horizon, rather along the road itself.
  • And finally, because no matter what bumps lay ahead, no matter what bends may block my view, they are all mere hurdles (not barriers) I must face in order to reach my next horizon… my next intersection full of choices and more challenges to come.

If you have not yet found this “happiness” then simply look up, see beyond the signs signalling for you to stop, and instead put one foot in front of the other. For happiness lays only steps away.

We bake our own bread!


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Posted by Brett Wawn on June 25, 2013

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