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Australian history is…

Australian history is almost always picturesque; indeed, it is also so curious and strange, that it is itself the chiefest novelty the country has to offer and so it pushes the other novelties into second and third place. It does not read like history, but like the most beautiful lies; and all of a fresh new sort, no mouldy old stale ones. It is full of surprises and adventures, the incongruities, and contradictions, and incredibilities; but they are all true, they all happened.” – Mark Twain, ‘Following the Equator’ 1897.


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Posted by Brett Wawn on August 6, 2013
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  1. 08/7/2013
    Taryna Wawn

    I love history!!!!!! I am a person who is much more fascinated by man’s exploits and achievements than nature’s. Enjoy your book.


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