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Writing. Capturing. Sharing.

Some people ask me why… why write? Most often I reply with something along the lines of: because I like to, which is of course far to vague, yet also completely true. Maybe the question should then be ” Why do you like to write?”.

Like most things in my life, I like to write for a varying range of reasons, but if I had to choose… hmmm… say three reasons, they may be the following:

  • Writing, like my love for running, challenges a different part of me. It requires me to think differently – to enter a deeper part of my thought processes or maybe just a different part of my brain, and I find that extremely calming. Possibly because its different from the usual and therefore an escape from the usual?
  • Writing allows me to take the time to express my thoughts with a certain clarity. It allows me the time to un-jumble these often mixed up, and at times, opposing thoughts and form them onto something solid, something external to my head, and therefore readable by others. It allows me to give my thoughts an order and purposeful thought-out structure – as compared to them flying around haphazardly up there in my head.
  • But more importantly it is a means of communication, and given the clarity writing brings to my thoughts, its possibly one of the more productive means of communication for me. Writing allows me to share both my experiences (such as travel writing) as well as my thoughts, such as questions I might pose to myself.

Writing allows me to share my thoughts, my questions, my ideas, my hopes and aspirations! But beyond all it allows me to share my happiness, as I often question (a question which is actually staring me in the face everywhere I go): is happiness only real when shared?

The more I write, the more I find myself reading! I often take time out to either update myself on some other blogs I follow and/or search for new blogs to read – blogs which inspire and teach and challenge me. One particular blog I came across back in July, actually one particular post by this writer, often pops into my thoughts for reasons which relate to much of what I have brought up myself above. If you have a spare 5 minutes I suggest you use it to read this post by a girl named Sarah, who has had quite a few blogs over the years. This one in particular is named ‘where the sea meets the sand’ and the post is titled ‘Why Write‘.


“There are different rules for reading, for thinking, and for talking. Writing blends all three of them.” – Mason Cooley



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Posted by Brett Wawn on December 18, 2012

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