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All the buildings in New York

Buildings and, I guess inanimate things… are kind of fascinating to me I guess. Kind of animating them, re-animating them with my eyes, is kind of interesting and fascinating for me.” – by James Gulliver Hancock – a fellow Australian and travel enthusiast from Sydney.

NYC has been quite the topic of conversation for me as of late, which has been nice! Having it back in the fore thoughts of my mind and re-living my recent leather tramping adventures through it’s pattern (as evident in the below mentioned must see website), yet also eclectic filled streets thanks to all my photos, is something I will never complain about. So, when I came across a great New York focused blog during this past week I instantly bookmarked it, and I have been meaning to make some time ever since to have a closer look, which I did first thing this morning.

The blog, actually now a website as of recently, is titled ‘All the buildings in New York‘. Within you will find a mixture of simple paper sketches; pen and ink line drawings; along with print style paintings on wood, all by James Gulliver Hancock – an illustrator and graphic designer by day. These art works, which are so simple yet communicate so much, capture a building or buildings in New York, typically within the boundaries of Manhattan.

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What I like most about this art by James is the fact it started from his attempt to understand the city of New York, so he drew the buildings… the architecture. James has an overwhelming interest, he calls it an obsession, with inanimate objects – something I love love love to capture in my photographs and something very evident within all my galleries, especially my New York galleries. James says he is facinated by the things… the details… the parts found in between other parts – other parts which are the A-typical focus for most ‘passer-on-by-ers’. Given James’s interest in the finer details also, I can’t help but think about a post I wrote a couple a months ago whilst sitting on a bus in Costa Rica, on my way to Monte Zuma, titled ‘Fire flies‘.

So, if you have a few moments to spare I more than highly recommend you using those moments to have a look at James’s website, and possibly… no definitely my post titled ‘Fire Flies‘.


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Posted by Brett Wawn on November 11, 2012
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  1. 11/12/2012
    Audrey Brown

    A fascinating insight and a wonderful talent.


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