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Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

I came across a blog earlier this morning…

Each week this blog supplies its readers with a theme, which is to provide inspiration for that weeks photo challenge. So, I thought why not join the weekly fun, well at least for this week, as it might be a great way to connect with fellow bloggers and another opportunity to promote my passion… my photography!

This weeks theme is ‘Solitary’.

Upon reading this word (solitary) one photo came straight to mind. It was a photo I captured back in early May this year (2012) as I drove across Australia solo. It is a self-portrait of me sitting on Australia’s longest stretch of straight road – the Nullarbor or Eyre Highway. No photo of mine fits the theme ‘solitary’ better than this! Firstly, it is a SELF-portrait, but it is also a photo captured along one of the world’s most isolated roads as I drove towards the world’s most isolated city – Perth.

Many of my readers would have seen the above photo in a post I added a few months ago titled: ‘Self Portrait Replay‘. These readers would know this photo, as the post’s title hints, was not the first of its kind. I took the same (well as close to as I could) photo almost exactly five years earlier along the same stretch of road. Both photos and a more detailed story behind them can be found here.

Also, click here for a post on the Nullarbor titled: ‘No Bends’.

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Posted by Brett Wawn on September 29, 2012

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