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Birth Place

“If I could float anywhere, upon a balloon, NYC would be my hopeful destination.”

During my third day (a Saturday) in New York City I ventured south from my Hostel, located on the corner of Amsterdam Ave and 104th St in the Upper West Side of Manhattan Island, south via the NY subway to Chelsea and its highly recommended weekend markets. 3/3 travel guides said they were a must see. Whilst wandering through its industrially-eclectic passages, surrounded by far too many eatable temptations, I entered a space full of little stalls.

Some sold custom designed hipster cushions, others home made face/hand creams and scented candles. Towards the back though was about 5 tables laid out in a U-shape full of coin size leather key rings, custom printed pencil cases/makeup bags and other little knick-knacks. All the key rings contained a quote – NYC inspired of course. I left with one, which is now attached to my car keys. It reads:


I miss NYC daily. Every time I look down at my left forearm my tattoo reminds me of my days spent tramping its streets. If Western Australia is my home… NYC is my tree house! A place full of dreams and future hopes. A place where the kid comes out in me. If I could float anywhere, upon a balloon, NYC would be my hopeful destination.

I love New York.

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Posted by Brett Wawn on September 23, 2012

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