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Jack Danny & Friends

This post is specifically for those in my Costa Rica G-Adventures tour group! If this is not you feel free to skip this post.

However, if this is you then what a weeks it’s been. I have not yet heard from Jack Danny, but I have, as promised, created a Facebook group for us so we can exchange photos and remain in touch.

If you have heard from Jack Danny can you please pass me any info via my contact link located on the top right of the screen. If I hear anything from him I’ll post it on our Facebook group.

The link to our Facebook group is…

I’ve already posted some photos. I will also be posting photos from the tour up onto my blog over the coming week. If there are any of my photos you would like a copy of please simply ask and I will send it/them your way.

I will let you all know via our Facebook group once I have uploaded the photos onto my blog along with providing a link.

It was an unreal pleasure to have met all of you. I sure am glad I caught up with the group after missing the first couple of days.

And here’s to Costa Rica’s best tour guide… Jack Danny!! You constantly went above and beyond for us all. Muchos gracias amigo!


If any of you ever decide to hit Australia let me know. I sure would love to see you and show you the sights of Australia’s best coast… it’s west!

Pura vida!!!

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Posted by Brett Wawn on September 1, 2012

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