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Neighborhood teasers

I’ve been a little slack updating all of you these past couple of days, although can you blame me for being preoccupied? I’m tramping the streets neighborhood by neighborhood from dawn until dusk. If I’m ever back at the hostel it’s usually for a quick shower and a change of clothes before heading out for the night. This is after all the city that never sleeps, which makes this post quite appropriate given its coming up to 4am and I’m still wide awake.

I am meeting the most amazing, friendly, generous and heart-felt people every corner I turn. I’m am overwhelmed by NYC so much so I continually find myself becoming emotional about standing within its history filled streets and avenues.

As I mentioned above I’m slowly working my way through each neighborhood. I started with the north end of Manhattan Island, which includes: Central Park, Harlem, The Bronx, Upper East Side and Upper West Side… where my hostel for the first 5 nights was located – @ the corner of Amsterdam Ave and 104th Street.

As of Monday though I have relocated to a different hostel, this time within Lower Midtown @ the corner of 3rd Avenue and 34th Street. I am now working my way through the neighborhoods south of Central Park, which so far includes: Upper and Lower Midtown, Theatre district including Times Square, Chelsea, Gramercy, East & West Village, Flatiron District – named after the Flatiron building – and the Meat Packing District.

Even though there is a great sub-way system here, actually there is a great everything system here but I’ll get to that in separate post, I am walking to most locations. Given the extent of the neighborhoods I’ve seen, as listed above, this means I am doing a serious amount of walking each day, but it’s the best way to see NYC.

The main purpose for this post was to give you an idea of what NYC and its neighborhoods within look like through my eyes. Each neighborhood has its defining characteristics, but there is a very common pattern seen throughout – again something I will explain more about in another post shortly. For now though given my lack of time and need for sleep, when you look through the photos below, it’s important to look for these patterns hidden in plain sight along with seeing the definite contrast between each. Really you should, although it may be hard if you don’t know the location of each neighborhood as compared with the next, see them blend into each other. I haven’t yet, other then the obvious green line drawn by the edge of Central Park seen a threshold between two neighboring neighborhoods. There is always a blending of the two at the boundaries. A blending which I’m sure is aided by the very rigid grid structure NYC exists within.

Hopefully you enjoy the below photos capturing the neighborhoods south of Central Park. I will place each set below a title named after its corresponding neighborhood. Note these are just an ‘appetizer’. These photos do not represent the best photos nor the worst taken from each area. Uptown teaser will come ASAP.

Take care!

Flatiron District…


East Village + Saint Marks Street…


Washington Square…


West Village…


Meat Packing District…


Tiles for America – between West Village & Meat Packing District…


East Village – take two…


Subway + Walk home from East Village to Lower Midtown…


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Posted by Brett Wawn on August 22, 2012
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  1. 08/22/2012
    Dennis Wawn

    Love it


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