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A Canadian life

It’s official…

The Canadian lifestyle, well the Canadian mountain lifestyle, is something I sure am loving. Everyone is so active here! Whether its mountain biking; enjoying the many rivers and their rapids during the melt; hiking upwards towards what seems like an endless number of mountain peaks; or enjoying the thick fresh snow of the chilling winters; Canadians make most out of their outdoors. And it shows physically.

I am about to, in a little over 30min, head off with Mr Ben Sawyer and his friend Jim on a 3 day hike up Mount Gimli (see photo below) into Grizzly country… so I don’t have too much time to update you.

I have somehow turned my 40L day-pack into a 75L hiking-pack with all sorts of gear hanging off its outer shell from my lens bag through to sun screen and my trusted pair of havianas. I am all set, apart from coming face to face with a Grizzly, for my first Canadian mountain adventure. Actually my second after as I climbed to Idaho Peak last weekend.

Before I dash off though! On Wednesday, after spending the day on the rapids of Slocan River kayaking, I woke at 3:25am craving water. After hopping back into bed, a bed I was looking forward to as soon as I jumped out of the kayak I hired for the day – thank you to all the gang at Endless Adventures and the members of the Wednesday night Paddle Group who joined me. Anyway so after hopping back into bed, thirst quenched, I laid awake listening out for the Black bear which had woken Candice over the last few nights, hoping I would catch a glimpse on him or her. This is same bear which enjoyed a few litres milk from the fridge on their porch early last week – obviously not the best place for a fridge in bear country. The bear never came that night, but I did hear a pack of canines howling from the pine forest behind my A-Frame cabin. It may have been some local dogs as everyone here has a dog, but I prefer to think it was a pack of wolves.

So as I said… it’s official! I am loving the Canadian lifestyle. As a nature lover, animal enthusiast and adventure seeker I am in the best place I could be.

“I’ve decided that I’m going to live this life for some time to come. The freedom and simple beauty of it is just too good to pass up.” – Christopher McCandless

Well at least for the next 5 days before I set off for New York City. A city I think may hold me one day for quite some time.

Take care! I’m sure you will hear from me soon enough. Oh and please spread the word about my blog. Email the address to friends or post it on whatever social network/s you use. I sure would appreciate the support. Thanks in advance.

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Posted by Brett Wawn on August 10, 2012

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