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With a side of salt?

Eat Soggy Weet-Bix is possibly, hopefully, more than likely… taking its flight over the salty salty seas!

The current plan, and you know how my plans pan out and continually change, is to visit two of my closest friends (Ben & Candice) and their, now one year old, son Banjo in British Columbia. The three of them moved there (not forever thank goodness) in August last year when Banjo was only a little over two months old. Actually you should all have a peek at their blog!!

You see! Even the plan to write a paragraph about my plan turned into me telling you about something entirely different. This is how my brain works. I have given up trying to find its switch.

So the plan is to fly from Perth to Sydney – because its ridiculously cheaper than flying from Perth – to Vancouver. Stay in Vancouver for a day or two before flying to Trail. Drive from Trail to Ben & Candice’s super fun ‘A-Frame’ house and hangout for two to three weeks where I plan to test out my white water kayaking skills on the infamous rivers of Canada along with teaching Ben to eskimo roll, mountain bike with Ben, go bear hunting with Candice (whats that bear hunting song we all sung as kids? I’m going on a bear hunt… I’m going to find a big one etc etc) and walking with Banjo. All this before flying tooooooooo NEW YORK CITY!!! A place which sits on the first page at the very very most top point of my list of places to visit – actually it was the only surviver on my list after writing the blog post ‘Rainbow re-write‘. I will ‘leather tramp’ – with the occasional ‘rubber tramp I am sure’ – around NYC for a week. My brother from another mother, Jack, has a Dad who married a Yank who has, surprise surprise, friends and family in NYC who will hopefully be super kind and help me out with some accommodation. Fingers crossed! I then fly from New York, via LAX, to San Jose – the Capital of Costa Rica. I then join a group of ‘friendly strangers’ on an 8 day tour around south west Costa Rica before heading back to San Jose to return to Sydney and on home to Perth.

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Posted by Brett Wawn on July 3, 2012
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  1. 07/4/2012
    Audrey Brown

    That is a lot of miles Brett, I hope it is all good but must warn you that travelling does not cure your itchy feet, it makes them itch more.


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