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Goodbye Big Foot

It’s official! 😦

My faithful companion… my car during my second solo drive across Australia has been sold. I have one week to say farewell. One week to soak up our remaining days together. To everyone my Troop Carrier is just another car, but to me it is so much more.

To me it was my guide home, my light after the sun went down, my shelter, my home, my kitchen, my body guard, bag carrier, viewing platform, source of power and food, my DJ and my only companion when no one else could be found for 100’s of kilometres. For me my cars are like a pair of old shoes, a distant song, or a memorable smell. For me my cars bring back a flood of memories. They are moment markers in MY timeline.

They have shared my life since I was 17. They were the place of first kisses and breakups. They sat waiting patiently as I rock climbed, kayaked or played baseball. They were my warmth in winter and my perfect escape in summer. The simple hum of their power plant combined with a lowered drivers window calmed me when nothing else could. Their wind-screens framed more perfect views than the worlds best galleries combined ever could imagine displaying. They shared my life’s bumps and softened the blows by always promising something better in the distance. Something better in the direction they were heading.

From buying my first car… a 1983 VH Holden Commodore to owning my dream ride… a 1964 EH Holden Wagon… to buying the car which showed me where home was… a 2007 Suzuki Swift… to buying my 4WD teacher… a 2008 JK Jeep Wrangler… to my current car and the car which brought me home… my 1999 1HZJ75RV 75 series Troop/Personnel Carrier… and to whatever car comes next… thank you for the memories and moments!

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Posted by Brett Wawn on June 17, 2012

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