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Self-portrait replay

In 2007 I stopped alongside Australia’s longest stretch of straight road, the Nullarbor (Eyre Highway) and took the below photo – a self portrait of me at 23. This is the same photo you will see at the top of my ‘About‘ page as well as on a post I wrote before I started my drive west, titled ‘No Bends‘. Within this post I explain part of the story behind this photo which has, since it was taken, received more comments than any other photo from my 2007 trip.

For this reason I decided at age 28 to stop again, on the western end of the Nullarbor and take the below self-portrait. I decided to reenact this iconic scene in a kind of 5th year anniversary celebration. Before I left I found the original khaki jacket and grey hoody used back in the original photo and on the day I attempted to match the location, time of day and lighting levels as best I could. The reenacted photo was taken on April 28th 2012, almost 5 years to the day the original photo was taken (give or take a few weeks). It was also taken on day 13 of my trip. A day I have titled as the most enduring day of my life. See my post titled ‘13‘ for details on the events that took place a few hours after the “sequel” was taken.

2007 self-portrait above | 2012 self-portrait below

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Posted by Brett Wawn on June 8, 2012
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  1. 06/9/2012

    Both great photo’s, but you’d better not throw out the hoodie – you might need it again!

    • 06/9/2012

      I might actually need it again sooner than you think. I am looking at cars either here or in Sydney and currently all the ones I like are in Sydney. So may be doing the trip again in July! Although I’ll take the 2007 route and about 4 days, not 3 weeks.


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