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Big Foot sale

After far too long living my life based around “things” I have decided to make a change.

I have for along time now been getting more and more frustrated with much of societies habits, beliefs and concerns for the petty. After returning to Sydney in late 2010 this became more and more apparent each time I ventured into its “centre” – not that these above mentioned issues only exist in Sydney, as much as I wish they were limited to one location.

I witnessed trends come and go. I witnessed fake! Fake smiles, fake laughs… fake, fake, fake. I witnessed a society bullied and deceived, manipulated and controlled by the one thing many have come to worship… the media! I witnessed people confused about what truly matters because of this “God”. Even when I escaped the cities boundaries I was saddened to see confused teenagers, as I passed through even the most remote of country towns, try to be like their brothers and sisters from the city. I wanted to grab them, shake them and say “be you, not them!“.

THE CITY!! Is the city not meant to be a concentration of diversity? Is it not meant to be about the coming together of individuals? Then why are its inhabitants, people like you and me, so hung up on being like everyone else? Why are we so caught up on having whatever they have? Beanies have gone from something used to keep your head warm to a fashion statement worn in summer. Bags have gone from something used to contain and carry your belongings to an item capable of destroying your bank account in one foul swoop… well depending on something as simple as a logo attached to its side. Everything and anything has become a must have item. Life has slowly become about “things”.

For quite some time, for many years in fact I have wanted to change. I have wanted to turn my back on the ways of much of western society. It has been difficult to break free of its tight grip and I suppose in many ways I haven’t just yet – change may be inevitable but its not always fast moving. I am aiming to remove the unnecessary “things” from my life. I am aiming to begin my path towards the ideal of “minimalist living”. I want to, as I call it, live light! I want to be flexible, free and most of all not tied to a place by “things”.

So, to begin this process with a bang I have decided to put my ‘Big Foot’ where my mouth is. I have decided to sell my car… my Troopy! Its time to expand this journey of mine outside of Australian shores and this decision, as hard as it might be, is one massive step towards my passion for life! My passion for “the journey”… NOT “THINGS”!!

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Posted by Brett Wawn on May 16, 2012
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  1. 05/17/2012

    I have recently started following a great blog ‘Minimalist Living’. A great new post was added tonight titled ‘The Summer of 1000 Things Challenge’. If you are interested at all by my above post you should read this post also. See link below.

    I also came across this one.

    Take care.


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