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To everyone, especially my sponsors, who made my recent “flight” possible and to everyone who has helped make my friends, from the Royal Flying Doctor Service, future flights possible by giving generously… THANK YOU! Together we raised $750.

I did hope to raise over $2000, but time is not yet up. You can keep donating through the fundraising menu above!

Plus I am in the early stages of planning an exhibition show casing selected photos from my 2012 solo drive across Australia.

The exhibition will be held somewhere in Perth or close by. Maybe Fremantle? Leederville? Subi? Hmmm we will see.

If you would like to assist me I would sure love some help. Even if you know a space, a friend with a gallery, a local printer or a frame maker it is all welcome.

All the showcased prints will be for sale with all the profits going directly to the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

If you have some personal favourites, some photos you believe I cannot leave out of this exhibition please add a comment below explain which one/s and why.

I look forward to seeing you there.

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Posted by Brett Wawn on May 15, 2012
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  1. 05/20/2012

    you have to include the one of the bird flying just above the water – stunning!!!!

  2. 05/20/2012

    Oh – and don’t forget the end of the rainbow shot and your poem about being a moment bottle-er!!

  3. 05/20/2012

    let us know when the exhibition is on as we would love some shots for our house


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