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Hunny I am home

WA, WA, WA, WA… I am in WA!!

I am currently 12km west of the WA/SA border in Eucla. I have just travelled 420km from Cactus Beach in South Australia. Cactus Beach is by far one of my favourite spots this trip. The landscape is like no other. If I was a surfer you would not have heard from me for weeks. Even I was in awe of the swell and choice of breaks. I would love to go on more, but I am in a hurry to reach Balladonia by tonight, which is 519km away, so I am not left sleeping on the side of the Nullarbor. I will do a separate post on Cactus Beach ASAP for all you surf fans.

I am not far from the start of the longest stretch of straight road in Australia, the Nullarbor. Go to a previous post of mine titled “No Bends” for details on this infamous stretch of road. Oh and lucky for you I have again organised a time lapse film for you documenting my trip from the eastern end of the Nullarbor plain to its west. This will include the 146.6km straight stretch of road ahead of me.

Enjoy the few photos below taken throughout the morning.

I may be out of reception for quite some time as I am heading south from Balladonia along the Balladonia Track (4WD track) to Israelite Bay, tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed you will hear from me soon though.

Today was my long km count this trip. 939km by the time I reach Balladonia tonight.

For route details click here.

Take care.

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Posted by Brett Wawn on April 27, 2012
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  1. 04/29/2012

    Cactus Beach!

    • 04/30/2012

      Scotty!! mate!! You would have loved it. SERIOUSLY you would have never wanted to leave. It was just wave after wave after perfect wave. Although with the fun apparently comes a huge risk. Everyone I have come across who knows Cactus brought up the risk of sharks in the area. Great Whites pass through there plus there is a Bronze Whaler breeding ground not far away. Over 200 Bronzies!! Get on the road. Half a days drive from Port Lincoln, SA.

  2. 04/29/2012

    Glad to see you today down on Wharton beach Wa (65 km east of Esperance) .. We where the ones with the dog when you ready to go for a swim …

    • 04/30/2012

      Hi Robert. Thank you for taking the time to look at my website. I am glad the marketing on my car caught your attention. You must be the one walking the Blue Healer? The water was perfect. What a spectacular place. I cannot believe I only know a handful of people who have ever been to Esperance. I can certainly see myself living there.

      • 05/1/2012

        your quite right about it over here as it is a place to be seen to be believed …. will keep an eye on your page now see what else is good around Aussie land …

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