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I regret something…

I regret not stopping to take a photo of what I see as the Australian version of Tubleweed. Towards the end of the drive from Bathurst to Hay, on day 2, there were hundreds of these really delicate, light weight, grass looking things which had traveled onto the road from surrounding farm lands. They seemed to stick to the roads rough, gravel like surface. Although to me they seemed to have placed themselves with a purposeful intent. Their grassy branch like arms reached up to the sky like hitch hikers signalling passing motorists. It was as though they were trying desperately to grab a hold of the underside of cars as they sped through this dried up land. As though they were desperate to escape. I don’t know why I didn’t stop to photograph them – The end of the road lit up by the dying sun – but the image will for along time be pressed into my mind. Why?

I suppose in that moment it was more about what this image made me think. It was about the story these innocent plants on the move created… or at least possibly became the character in a story already being lived out by so many. Possibly they are playing me in my story? Possibly you in yours? Stories of escape or stories of the desperate need for change.

As I drove through this landscape I was in awe of its beauty. The way the sun spread lightly across the swaying surface. The pale green fields in need of some decent rain. But despite its beauty to me, an outsider looking in, the grasses wanted to leave. They wanted out! It seems no matter where I go or how amazing a place is from an outsiders perspective, the insiders, the people who live there want to be somewhere else. We all seek change. We all want to wake up somewhere new, somewhere different to where we are right now.

When I returned to Circular Quay in Sydney for the first time, after living in Perth for 9 months, it was as though I was seeing it for the first time ever. Yet I had been there possibly hundreds of times before. The difference was I was viewing it as outsider for the first time. So why could I not see this side of Sydney before? Do you sometimes have to simply change perspectives for a while to see the special in a place? Are places only ever worth your permanency from the outside? No matter where I travel I always come across people who want to be somewhere else. Maybe you just haven’t found your place?

Do we ever stop seeking ‘elsewhere’? Do we ever find a place in which we see its beauty from both perspectives? As an outsider and an insider? I think we do! This place is called home. Home is a place you don’t need to leave to see its worth. Sydney for me wasn’t that place!

Home for me is Mandurah, WA. Its where I am heading to. Its where I will be when this journey ends. Its where I live within yet I sit in awe of its beauty. In awe of its worth.

Have you found yours? Where is it? Tell me your story… your perspective of home. When we stop seeing its beauty from the inside is it then that we should seek a new home? Add a comment below.

If you desire change… then seek it!! The grass doesn’t have to be greener on the other side.

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Posted by Brett Wawn on April 23, 2012

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