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Fred the fixer

Yesterday I opened my passenger door to grab my phone of the dash. As I lent in my knees rested up against my side bar. For those of you that don’t know the side bar is that section of the roo (bull) bar which raps around the side of the car. At one end it is linked to the roo bar and at the other it is clamped to the chassis just the rear of the passenger and drivers doors.

As I lent and put weight on the side bar I felt it move, something it shouldn’t obviously do. I had a quick look at where the bar met the chassis and unfortunately there was one of two bolts completely loose. These bolts joined two aluminium pieces together, each sitting either side of the chassis. When bolted correctly they are pulled together clamping to the chassis. Luckily for me the bottom bolt had come loose, not the top bolt. This meant the bar was still connected to the chassis, even if it was loose.

For the most part of the morning on Day 4 I was driving along corrugated roads from Mungo National Park to Mildura, VIC. I gather these simply shook the nut loose? Although somehow the bolt remained dangling throughout another 400km. So, this morning I popped down to the local mechanic who sent me onto the Thrifty (hardware) store a few shops down.

After picking up a packet of Nyloc nuts, 4 spring washers, and 4 regular washers I headed back to camp to re-attach the loose bolt along with replacing the other 3 nuts with Nyloc nuts, so they wouldn’t be shaken loose like their friend.

All up it took me about 30min.

Some major damage could have occurred though if the bar did come completely loose traveling at 100km/hr. Phew!

See photos below…

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Posted by Brett Wawn on April 21, 2012
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  1. 04/22/2012

    ugh. i’d have been roadkill…


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