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Well after a few days worth of long drives; reaching my place of rest at dusk each day; I am now sitting in the passenger seat of my beloved troopy back in internet land once again. And I feel absolutely exhausted!

So far each night I go to bed planning out the next day in my head. I think… ok so I’ll get up early, pack up camp, head off and aim to get to my next camp spot before dark for once. So yup I get up early, pack up, but!! I continually fall way behind time during the day. The reason…


I need to get myself a set of horse blinkers for my eyes so I am not constantly distracted by what I am passing. I am continually coming to a screeching halt before running back a few gears to quickly make a U-turn and head back to something I have just seen. Typically, actually every time, this is of something I want to photograph. Two things eventuate because of this over use of my peripherals.

  1. I reach my next camp site after dark each day making setting up not so exciting.
  2. I have more photos to now download and go through meaning I am up late each night.

This therefore means the time dedicated to updating all of you lovely folk is reduced – plus not having reception for 48 hours doesn’t help, but this has to be expected when driving across such a vast country who’s population sticks to its outer edges.

So, tonight is just a quick update and teaser. I am currently in Burra, SA. I passed from NSW, through VIC (for the first time I might add) before ending my day in SA, in a town which seems to have been frozen in time. I have decided to set up here for a couple of nights to catch up on some well deserved rest, to blog of course, and to do some urgent repairs on my car of which I will post about, amongst other things, tomorrow.

There are loads of adventures, photos and stories to update you on. In the mean time though here are a few teasers to tempt you back.

Enjoy and talk soon.

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Categories: Blog
Posted by Brett Wawn on April 19, 2012

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