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Warp speed

I love that feeling when you first go through your downloaded photos and you see something different. Something unexpected. Photography is one of my lifes passions because it gives you the ability to freeze time. To capture a single moment. Beyond that moment though photography, to me, is about emotion. Its about story telling and the best stories draw you in because they evoke something personal to you.

I recall, again, a reading from uni last year. I cannot remember exactly who it was written by, but its not important. Its the content which has buried itself within my head. It mentions something about Art (with a capital ‘A’) containing “black holes”. By this, or at least my interpretation of this, it means Art captures people because it leaves gaps for your imagination to fill in. It allows you to make your own story. This is the difference between sign and Art. Signs tell you something socially injected within them. Art removes society leaving a huge void behind. A void designed for you and you only to fill.

For me… when I view the photos from this journey they will tell of a guy on the move. They will capture my flight and that’s why these next photos, again for me, leaped out at me.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been testing out time lapse photography with the help of my GoPro HD2 camera. If youhave read my about me page you will know I hoped to fast forward you through my 2007 solo drive across Australia, but at the time I didn’t have the knowledge to make this happen. In many ways I still don’t, but I am better equipped. I have mounted my GoPro HD2 camera on the centre of my windscreen, using the GoPro HD2 suction cup holder. I have set my camera to take 1 photo every 5 seconds. That’s 12 photos every minute and 720 every hour. It will take some time putting this together to make one time lapse film sending you through my drive west at Warp speed, so for now I have chosen three from day 1. Three photos out of thousands which grabbed my eye because, like I said above, they evoke something personal in me.


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Posted by Brett Wawn on April 17, 2012
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  1. 04/17/2012

    Love the pics! They’re fantastic! Particularly love the striking colours and chiaroscuro 🙂 Can’t wait to see more x

  2. 04/17/2012

    It’s allllllll going down now aint it Yeasty!!! Sweet pics. I also like the word “chiaroscuro”.

    • 04/18/2012

      Cheers Fella! Yup I have to agree… chiaroscuro is pretty catchy. It means the use contrasting light with dark to highlight an area in a painting, typically something physical. Works well. Hope you and your family are smiling wide.


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