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Night 1

What a day! Actually what a weekend. It has been flat out, slightly stressful with not much sleep had. But it’s time to forget all of that because I am free. I am yet again on the road to Australia’s amazing west coast.

So day 1 was, as mentioned above, fairly… ummm… busy to say the least. Although as much as I would love to sit here and write this days events in detail I will have to do so tomorrow. Currently I am freezing my fingers off sitting here on my camp chair, with my lantern by my side, writing my first official post from the road. Tonight will just be a quick update.

I have rolled my swag out in a caravan park about 5km east of Bathurst in NSW. As much as I don’t want to be staying in caravan parks I had little option given my late departure.

Anyway before I hop into my, hopefully warm, sleeping bag, I will add a couple of photos from today. One of my, ‘mans best friend’, Ash who part way through the day twigged on I was leaving. I have always called Ash my shadow, not necessarily because of his dark colour, but because he is constantly by my side. Although today he took this to another level. He was determined to come with me, even if he had to compete against plastic tubs for a spot in the back. I will write more about Ash over the coming weeks. It was beyond hard saying goodbye to him this afternoon.

Well… thanks for being apart of my adventure thus far. Everyones support is hugely appreciated. Enjoy some photos… well 2.

Good night! Don’t let the bed bugs bite.

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Posted by Brett Wawn on April 16, 2012
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  1. 04/16/2012

    Oh No! Is Ash coming eventually??

    • 04/17/2012

      Dun! Hey fella. Yeah Ash will be joining me once I am set up in a place. He’s going to love living back near Tims Thicket again.

  2. 04/17/2012

    ooooooh Ash is sooo cute! You should have taken Ash with you 😦

    • 04/17/2012

      Wish I could have, but he’s not allowed in National Parks and I plan to be passing through loads. I will miss him loads… and yes he is a bit of a stud.


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