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Going up! photos

A couple of weeks ago I added a new blog post titled ‘Going up!‘. It briefly mentioned my car was going into Wholesale Suspension here in Penrith, NSW, to have a 50mm Tough Dog lift kit fitted.

So, off it went into the safe hands of Wholesale Suspension for about 3 days. The final height ended up being 80mm taller than its previous height simply because the 50mm lift kit lifts to 50mm above the factory standard ride height. So, because my troopy had its original 1999 suspension fitted, this had sagged quite a bit over time – actually by approx. 30mm below factory ride height – making the lift approx. 80mm overall.

With the lift kit fitted I am now finding the car great to handle on road, but sadly I haven’t had the chance to test its off road capabilities just yet although…!! I will be heading up to Tin City in Stockton, NSW, for some sandy fun (testing) in the morning. So, fingers crossed the troopy passes with flying colours as I am due to leave on my solo adventure the next morning, Monday the 16th April 2012, and last minute repairs are certainly not something I currently require.

See before and after photos below…

Thank you Tough Dog and Wholesale Suspension… what a great team to have on-board.



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Posted by Brett Wawn on April 15, 2012
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  1. 04/15/2012

    Whaaaaat a rig!!!! Love the sticker work too Yeast.


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