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iPad 2 holder

Well over the last few weeks, possibly more, I have been having fun doing some modifications to my 78 series troopy. There is quite a bit to catch you up on, so to start this off I thought I would show you my custom iPad 2 holder.

Firstly, you may be thinking why would you need to have an iPad holder in your car? To view my Hema maps of course! I recently purchased the Hema iPad app which contains around 70 built-in maps from around Australia. I will let you know more about this app in upcoming posts. In the mean time though click here to see a youtube video from Hema about their app.

Back to the iPad 2 holder and how I fitted it to my troopy… see images and description below!

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I cannot remember how I found the holder itself, probably through a google search, but after much searching I came across one from an American company called Twelve South. The holder itself is named the ‘HoverBar‘. The reviews were great, plus I had a colleague at work who was also interested which halved the postage cost for me. I purchased the HoverBar on a Friday morning through their website. $79.99 plus $25 postage. The HoverBar arrived from America by the following Monday afternoon. DHL are great!! I unpacked it instantly like a kid on Christmas morning. The packaging was well presented, but better yet the HoverBar was amazing. It was heavy and solid and strong. You could tell straight away it was great quality. I highly recommend it. There is an Australian reseller, but I can’t recall the name at the moment. Plus if you find a couple of mates who want one too it works out cheaper to buy straight from Twelve South. Let me know if you want the Australian resellers details. Simply add a comment below.

The HoverBar is designed to clamp/mount to your iMac stand or desk edge etc, but I purchased it with the hope I could use it in my car. After trying to mount it to a number of areas, including the passenger grab rail above the glove box, I was slowly losing hope. This option didn’t work because the HoverBars flexible arm struggled to hold the weight of the iPad when the arm was in a horizontal position. Picture picking up something heavy and trying to hold it with your arm stretched out horizontal and therefore parallel to the ground. It’s much easier to support it from below and hold it above your head. It was basically being cantilevered from the grab rail so the bending moments were quite large.

The answer was to support it from below and have the arm coming vertically up from beneath. The only issue was there was nothing for the HoverBar to clamp onto here. Enter my creative side… the designer in me. I quickly came up with the idea to make a right angle, which is held to the car by the same bolt which holds the front right side of the passenger seat rail to the floor. This saved me having to drill a new hole. Phew!

I got a good friend of my Dad’s, Jim – Top guy and an amazing fitter & turner – to make a right angle for me out of steel. Next all I did was drill a hole on one face > grab a few washers to hold the angle up off the seats angled track > un-screw the bolt > fit the angle and washers > screw the bolt back on > Bob’s your uncle and Mary’s your Aunt!



  • The holder doesn’t obstruct the passenger.
  • Or my ability to change gears in the slightest.
  • It doesn’t obstruct my view of the CD deck – although as you will notice, from the photos below, mine is currently non existent as its at Kenwood having an iPad lead attached to it for my music listening pleasure.
  • The head can also be loosened so as to face the passenger in the event the passenger wants to control the maps/music/movies/infinite possibilities.
  • The flexible arm is also long enough to stretch it up so as to sit higher than the seats… and watch a movie from the comfort of the back.
  • You can of course swivel the HoverBar to view the iPad in portrait or landscape.
  • I took it for an on-road test drive with some bumps and it held its location confidently. I am sure it will be ok with corrugations, but it may move when going over large off-road track bumps at a decent speed.

Let me know if you have any questions.

I will give an update review during my trip. Fingers crossed it lives up to my expectations.

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Posted by Brett Wawn on March 28, 2012
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  1. 03/28/2012
    Stephan Langella

    Nice piece of engineering!

  2. 08/27/2012

    G’day Brett, nice work on the iPad, Im looking to do the same thing with my 78 series troopy. I’m looking at using this holder
    It is basically the same as yours but purpose designed to go under the same seat bolt.

    • 09/1/2012

      Hi Mick,

      You sure did well finding it. I searched far and wide before deciding to custom make my own. Let me know how it goes!



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