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Not idiosyncratic

…but social.

Did you know the noun ‘idiot’ derives from the adjective ‘idiosyncratic’?

‘Cities’ originated when people began to see the importance of social interaction. Whether this involved supporting each other, offering specific skills to others or simply ‘bumping heads’ – passing on knowledge.

The city allowed people to exist within a condensed area. It forced people to intersect and therefore interact. In Architecture we call these ‘bump spaces’ – areas designed to promote social interaction. Consider an apartment complex. Now consider removing the kitchen from every apartment and placing a common kitchen on every other storey. What you have essentially done is take something everybody needs – like putting the milk at the back corner of a petrol station – you are now forcing people to exist within a small area therefore creating intersection which of course leads to social interaction and the transference of knowledge. Now, I have been a little bit trickier here by placing them on every other story. This of course promotes interaction between people on different stories. You can go up or go down to find a kitchen. Even the stair well has become a bump space.

So… many moons ago, when cities started to come to form, people who lived outside of the city were seen as un-social. They were not interacting and therefore not passing on or receiving ‘knowledge’. They were seen as idiosyncratic. Over time the derogatory noun for this was created… IDIOT!

Now to my point… these days there is no larger ‘bump space’ than Facebook. So don’t be an ‘idiot’, be social and socialise with Eat Soggy Weet-Bix on Facebook. Visit my new page and click ‘Like’ to stay up to date with me and my, well maybe slightly hypocritical now, solo drive across Australia.

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Posted by Brett Wawn on March 18, 2012
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  1. 03/21/2012
    Miriam Gibbon

    Idiot and all its forms are Greek.

    ‘Idiosyncracy’ comes from the Ancient Greek ἰδιοσυγκρασία (idiosunkrasia, “one’s own temperament”), from ἴδιος (idios, “one’s own”) + σύν (sun, “together”) + κρᾶσις (krasis, “temperament”).

    Therefore, if you preferred to exist on your own outside the community, you were an ‘idiot’.

    Even today there’s no word meaning ‘privacy’ in the sense of ‘free from prying’, and I’ve heard a few people say that they work for an ‘idiotic’ company.


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