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My heel is happy

Great news… another sponsor is on board!

Yesterday I drove to the Toyota service centre here in Penrith for two reasons.

  1. To find out if they could fit a genuine Toyota cruise control system to my 78 series Landcruiser.
  2. To purchase/order a bonnet protector.

Well sadly Toyota didn’t have a genuine cruise control system for my year model (1999), but they did recommend I go and see Stage Co Car Systems on Regentville Street in Penrith. So after ordering my bonnet protector, which I will pick up next Saturday – watch this space for a post on fitting it – I headed off to Stage Co.

Enter Stage Co front door… *ding ding*… Brett meet Adam, Adam meet Brett. So first things first I asked Adam if it was possible to fit cruise control to my car. After a few questions were directed my way… the answer from helpful Adam was YES!

After showing me the brochure and explaining the costs involved I thought why not ask helpful Adam if he would like to join my list of sponsors. Half way through explaining the benefits of this to him… he was in!! And quite stoked he was a part of my trip west.

So, sometime over the coming weeks my car will be getting fitted with a Command (professional series) cruise control system by Adam at Stage Co Car Systems in Penrith.

My right heel is as happy as Larry… and Larry is one happy bloke.

I will take some pictures of Adam installing the system and post them on here soon. Plus watch this space for my review on the Command Cruise control system.

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Posted by Brett Wawn on March 18, 2012
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  1. 03/18/2012
    Miriam Gibbon

    When you’ve finished your trip I’m sure you’ll have a successful career in business x

    • 03/18/2012

      Thank you for the kind words Miriam. As a matter of fact I already own a business back in Perth. Its one of the reasons I am actually moving back.

      I hope you enjoy following my flight west. Click follow at the bottom of my page to receive post updates via email. All the best.

      • 03/18/2012
        Miriam Gibbon

        I’m not in the least surprised to hear that. lol

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