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Nothing Like Australia

I have been researching places to see along my ‘possible’ route, which I posted the other day. To begin with I was simply using the google map I created to find places which looked interesting along my route. Say for example where the road came near to a mountain range within a national park. I would then use google images to see if that national park grabbed my attention visually, and was somewhere worth seeing or even staying the night. Its not a hard process, but it is time consuming.

BUT during my research and flicking between google images and my google map route I came across a great website.

Its great because its a combination of  photographs, which people have taken whilst travelling around Australia, overlayed on top of a map. The closer you zoom in the more photos can be seen. The photos, well on the most part, are placed over the location in which they were taken.

My list of places to see so far include: Weddin Mountain National Park, NSW; Mungo National Park, NSW; Wachtels Lagoon, VIC; Flinders Ranges, SA; Coffin Bay, SA; Israelite Bay, WA; Esperance, WA… plus loads more inbetween and beyond to add.

Please add a comment below if you have any suggestions.

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Posted by Brett Wawn on March 14, 2012

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